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Love Is Simple

Assalamualaikum :)

Heheheheh , sebenarnya taktahu macam mana nak cakap ni tauuuu :3 
i have a loooooooot loooot of stories to tell , but hey , just put it aside ..... i guess?
hehehehe ,
Oh yeah , semalam tengok ABPBH ? *krik krik
Well , lately i've been very very happy :3 *well , since olly appears in my life ;)
Hohohohoho , 
well , last week i didnt enter the class for the whole week ! *not really 
For March , MSSD seminggu , then exam , after that sesi fotografi seminggu , lepas tu netball & handball seminggu. nampak tak for March tu memang tak banyak belajar ? 
Nak SPM ni tau . hmm , Yeahhhh . Untill my PA(akaun) teacher pun bengang with me bcs the project is 
starting while me ? too busy with sports . Kalau menang tak apa tau . 
Haha , 
Ya Allah , this is my last year to participate in any sports kot. Olahraga , netball & handball. 
and its already over now. hm , 
Gonna miss all those things when i leave the school next year :(
Gonna miss Olly :( gonna miss EVERYTHING. 
Sooo , adik adik form 4 dan ke bawah , tolong jangan sia sia kan waktu persekolahan anda ye :p 
Nikmati lah :) 


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